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AussieWealthSurvey (AWS) is a premium marketing database of highly engaged and responsive members. Our best of breed member management platform allows us to ensure each member ONLY receives targeted offers based on their profile and at the frequency they determine.  Our platform will also enable us to offer advertisers behaviour targeting to members. How members interact with campaigns and offers will determine the future campaigns each member will receive. This platform allows us to aggregate responsive members based on offer categories.

AWS offers a suite of advertising products designed to facilitate targeted offers to consumers. Our experience in consumer data marketing most recently within the digital market has lead us to develop the ultimate experience for both advertisers and consumers.  We use a powerful combination of permission marketing and behaviour retargeting to ensure advertisers are placing their message in front of the ideal consumer. As a result we are providing industry redefining response rates!

The right ad to the right consumer at the right time

AWS for Consumers
Advertising Options
Targeted advertising options
Performance Advertising
Offers Page
Atmosphere LM

1. AWS for Advertisers:

AWS is a marketing database offering the ability for advertisers to send their offer to members based on their interest, profile and their response behaviour.

Since our members are not incentivised to respond to a campaign we are delivering to advertisers responses from members who are genuinely interested in the campaigns.

Members will receive only targeted offers via:

  1. Email
  2. Social media – Facebook and Twitter
  3. Mobile – email, SMS and MMS
  4. Voice call – mobile and fixed lines
  5. Mail – Aus Post verified deliverable address

Members will not be incentivised to respond to campaigns. Each member will only receive a limited amount of offers in the frequency they determine – in true permissioned format.

Offers from advertisers I want to hear about, relevant to me and in the frequency I determine

2. AWS for Consumers:

Members will join to receive targeted offers and will be rewarded for the level of details they provide about themselves. Rewards will be small monetary value for redemption for purchasing goods or services online.

Campaigns types from advertisers including:

  1. Specials
  2. Limited offers
  3. Competitions
  4. Samples
  5. Surveys

Advertising options:

The following options are available to advertisers with rate card rates listed. All our targeted options offer the following key targeting criteria:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Class
  4. Interests
  5. Behaviour re-targeting


Targeted advertising options:

Below is a full range of market leading, highly responsive media options:

1. Lead Generation:

Question sponsorship is available within our Commercial Survey. Full page branding with a maximum of 5 sponsors presented per member. Question’s to include brand name for full opt in capability. Sponsored Questions can be dynamically served to members based on the basic profile.

All data captured delivered via our Lead Management Platform – Atmosphere LM

Costs: Rate card starts at $3 per contact field (email/phone/address). Only pay for the leads we deliver!

2. Email Marketing:

Solus HTML email sent directly to each qualified member at a time that suits the target audience

Costs: $300 CPM min campaign requirement – 5,000 records

3. Mobile Marketing:

Send an SMS or MMS to our most mobile active members

Costs: $450 CPM min campaign requirement – 3,000 records

4. Voice Messaging

Phone records maybe purchased for both fixed and mobile of permissioned members. Alternatively we can send members recorded voice campaigns with responses via the handset

Costs: $450 CPM min campaign requirement – 3,000 records

Contact our member advertising experts at iCumulus Pty Ltd

Performance Advertising:

Only pay when our members take action. Opportunities are:

1. CPC – Cost per click 

  1. Email
  2. Social media
  3. Offers Page

2. CPL – Cost per Lead

  1. Question sponsorship
  2. Co –registration
  3. Mini survey
  4. Data capture
  5. Offers Page

3. CPA/CPS – Cost per Acquisition/Sale

  1. Offers Page

Costs: Each of the above have a unique pricing model – please ask one of our member marketing consultants to contact you via Contact Us


Offers Page:

Offers are dynamically presented to members based on their profile or behaviour to previous offers. We limit the number of offers per member to 1 page of 5 offers. Offers can be purchased as we are the Affiliate’s. (CPA/CPL/CPS)

Atmosphere LM:

We have developed a world class lead management platform.  Atmosphere LM has been designed to automate the entire lead acquisition process. Our platform is a hosted software solution for advertisers and publishers. As an end to end solution for; capturing, tracking, reporting, and distributing leads, Atmosphere removes the requirement for time consuming manual processes.

Robust API – Atmosphere’s database design provides for easy integration at the most detailed level enabling the ability for leads to be delivered directly into a client’s CRM via our API. We provide clients a Portal where they can choose the leads available to purchase.

Atmosphere manages multiple publishers or lead providers all within the one platform.

Key Benefits Buyer:

  1. De-duplication
  2. Controlled Distribution
  3. Data Validation
  4. Immediate Delivery
  5. Integration API
  6. Full tracking and Reporting
  7. Online Portal
  8. Scheduler

Key Services Publisher:

  1. Full Service Lead Management
  2. Tracking and Reporting – imps, clicks, leads
  3. Fraud Protection
  4. Batch tools

For more information please request our Member marketing experts contact you via Contact Us



As Lead generation is still developing within our market we provide a list of key words and definitions within the Glossary.

Creative Development:

  1. Campaign brief/ requirements
  2. Email design best practices

Lead Generation:

  1. Question copy writing
  2. Data usage best practices

Ad Specs: (TBC)

  1. Email –campaign requirements
  2. Question Sponsorship
  3. Offer Page
  4. Social Media
  5. Mobile – SMS

Tracking (AMS)

Our tracking platforms are compatible with all leading AMS (Ad Management Systems):

  1. Display – Impression/click/conversion tracking – display/email/text linking. Reporting is complimentary with all CPM campaigns. Discrepancies are allowable with 10% of leading AMS systems
  2. Email – broadcasting reporting is complimentary with all CPM campaigns
  3. Lead Generation – via Atmosphere LM, we provide a secure login to all advertisers for access to real time leads. An API is also available for delivery to advertisers CRM or data management systems